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Coface's Publications offer you international experts' remarks for a accurate decision making process

Coface’s "Panorama" publications aim to help businesses evaluate and guard against risks and make their decisions based on the most relevant, reliable and recent information.
Capitalising on the expertise of our economists, underwriters and specialists in business information and debt recovery, these publications have a dual objective:
  • provide the reader with regular statistical monitoring by means of a quarterly indicator
  • offer content for reflection and analysis by focusing on a particular theme
Each Coface Panorama publication is not just an easy-to-use guidance tool, but also a medium for reflection. By zooming in on Spain’s banking crisis, for example, or on a possible Greek exit from the euro, we are able to decipher ways in which these events might affect businesses.

Coface publishes several kinds of “Panorama”:

Coface publishes several kinds of “Panorama”:

Country Risk Panoramas:

Detailed monitoring on a quarterly basis of changes in the country evaluations, analyses and forecasts of Coface’s Economic Research Division. Updated three times a year, this guide comprises background articles, a table of changes in country evaluations with comments, plus updated factsheets on the 18 countries dealt with systematically and on other countries currently under the spotlight.


Sector Panoramas:

Following the broad trends of the various business sectors. Calling on the experience of its experts and underwriters, Coface analyses the short-term outlooks of particular sectors, such as automotive industry, construction, agriculture, chemicals etc.


Insolvency Studies:

The evolution of insolvent companies in Romania. Alongside its economic and financial analysts, Coface Romania launches quarterly and biannually analysis dedicated to insolvencies' evolution, their sectorial and territorial distribution and their impact on the Romanian business environment.

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