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Targeting excellence in credit risk management services through professionalism, dedication and self-improvement, we believe that over time we have continually adapted our activities and services in order to meet your needs and expectations.
Thus, due to Coface's contribution in developing a strong partnership, the feedback from our clients shows dedication and common vision to conduct a fruitful collaboration over time.
Valuing our partnerships, we have customized their categories, with sections dedicated to their needs.


Coface offers unique solutions for financial institutions. With a great tradition in banking partnerships, we work with a variety of banks and institutions familiarized with our services and we want to extend this collaboration within other banks. If you would like to start a partnership, please contact us.
Maintaining a proper cash flow is one of the vital aspects of any business. SMEs are particularly vulnerable in relation to late payment of debts and these arrears often finance their clients' debts at the expense of their own cash flow and business development.
Coface has developed unique credit solutions that can be used by banks to manage their clients' assets in the context of generating cash flow and reduce the risk of financial default.
Benefits of partnership with Coface:
  • Direct support within insurance services promotion (training, promotional materials etc.)
  • Agreeing a standardized product and operational work-flow, allowing a faster communication with the client
  • Flexibility in the needs' approach and implement appropriate business solutions
  • No imposed changes regarding the clients' sales and credit management policies
  • Coface's contract administration is initiated after signing it, without additional resources from the bank
  • Coface is the only provider that promotes integrated credit risk management services, able to offer a full package of business lines (Credit Insurance, Receivables Management and Business Information)


Coface Services are open to all companies, from multinationals to SMEs, regardless of their sectors.
Regardless of your industry or country, your business is facing obstacles every day: limited credit resources, high credit costs, restricted access to information about your commercial partners and the absence of a safe element to certify that you have a reliable and sustainable business.
Coface can help you overcome these obstacles through its integrated credit risk management services:
  • Credit insurance
  • Business Information
  • Receivables Management


Due to the increased number of insurance requests from the companies that want to cover their export activities, Coface Romania as world leader in export insurance, provides an ideal system for credit risk management, adapted to the current economic context.
Coface has the expertise to help you develop export activities worldwide
Coface is a supporter of Romanian exporting companies due to its international network of 97 countries that can help you reduce current uncertainties of international trade that also brings additional costs and risks from the domestic markets. Coface export credit insurance will protect your company against the risk of foreign financial default, in case of certain events that make impossible the payments from foreign buyers.
Coface Credit Insurance is indispensable to Romanian companies that want to initiate export activities
If some of the companies that choose credit insurance services have already experience in export activities, in many of the cases, we discuss with companies that have barely started exports. In such situations, credit insurance becomes indispensable due to the uncertainty of the markets.
Credit Insurance provides to exporters the necessary infrastructure for developing sales activities: starting from the buyers' analysis based on the Coface's international network of 97 countries, to collection service if the exporter is facing payment delays and up to the cover of financial default risks by compensation payment if the buyer does not meet their financial obligations.
Coface Country Risk Conference - EXPORTERS ROUND TABLE
Throughout the years gathered, the Country Risk Conference has become a traditional risk management event in Romania. The 2011 edition was attended by 300 participants, top management representatives, academic and banking specialists, consultants, exporters and foreign investors.
This edition had a round table session dedicated to Romanian exports, approaching the investment sector by national exports, and the Romanian export strategy for 2011-2015.
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