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InfoQuick - Online Reports

InfoQuick reports help you to make decisions in a short time and minimize the risks from your suppliers and clients


  • Selecting your ideal business partners
  • Decision making process in a very short time
  • Minimizing risks from suppliers and clients
  • Creating an objective overview of the financial health of your business partners, including your competitors
Coface InfoQuick is a valuable tool in credit risk management, which renders a company profile, providing the necessary support for assessing your business partners’ situation and for taking well-justified decisions whether to develop a commercial partnership with them.

Coface InfoQuick is delivered online in a few minutes and presents any Romanian company considering:

INFOQUICK.RO - a quick and easy solution to remove concerns arising in business partnerships

Infoquick.coface.ro is a web based software application, set up as an online platform that allows clients to obtain business information about Romanian companies in a very short time.


The core product of InfoQuick platform is the Online Basic Report, a collection of public data generated by the application using automatic querying of online information sources and information already stored in our local databases.

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