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Non-payment risk prevention begins with gathering relevant and up-to-date information on buyers and their environment. The analysis of this information helps with decision-making. Our business information services range from providing raw data, to providing recommendations on risk-taking.
In the context of risk management, we rely on a powerful global business information gathering and analysis network, enhanced by members of the Coface Partner network, who feed our databases in real time.
The information gathered and analysed is reproduced in several forms: reports, a summary indicator of single and global risk levels and various risk-taking recommendation tools. With our credit risk assessment services, you can manage your sales development efforts optimally.
In Central Europe, this global line of services is complemented by an extensive range of business information products aimed at companies that lack credit insurance.
Limit your losses
Safe Piese Auto SRL is the largest distributor of automotive parts on the local market. The company manages a portfolio of more than 1,000 active clients, who are cashing invoices within 30 days of the invoice's issuance date. Due to liquidity problems, 500 clients have paid their bills with delay, 250 of them exceeding 90 days past the due date. In the meantime, Safe Piese Auto SRL managed the collection process internally, involving in the first phase the sales department and then the controlling department. Currently, Safe Piese Auto blocked the delivery for 250 of the clients, but has no other coercion methods in order to collect.
To avoid the assumption of fixed costs through court, Safe Piese Auto SRL prefers to outsource to Coface the 250 cases for amiable collection for the next three months. In the meantime, Coface manages to collect to Safe Piese Auto's benefit half of the outsourced debt value, generating added value for the client because of the following tools: skilled and specialized personnel to use credit reports for debtors during the collection process, closure insurance credit limits for some of the debtors and spreading negative information on outstanding debts to debtors' suppliers.
Throughout the collection process offered by Coface, Safe Piese Auto SRL received regular reports on the progress of cases, 24/7 access to the outsourced files through online application and free monitoring of all debtors. For future growth of cash within a higher success rate, Safe Piese Auto SRL decided to outsource to Coface all the outstanding invoices that register more than 90 days after due date.

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