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Diagnostic, a new credit risk management product from Coface


  • you understand what is behind the financial indicators
  • you understand the main arguments for the recommended credit limit and the risk of the analyzed company
  • you understand the competitiveness of the analyzed company in comparison with the relevant industry
  • you understand the intrinsic financial health (fundamental analysis) of the analyzed company

Diagnostic is the ideal tool not only for evaluating your company, but also to evaluate your partners, be it suppliers, customers, even competitors, thus offering you a complete, 360-degree view of your company's ecosystem.


Comprehensive, as it correctly assesses the financial situation of your business partners integrating vectors such as:
  • Liquidity
  • Cash Flow
  • Profitability Margin, Income and Expense Analysis
  • Solvency
  • Rotation indicators
  • Payment behavior

A complete view on your company ecosystem


Diagnostic fulfills its mission through an accessible, direct and clear language, and answers the most common question of creditors about their clients: what are the causes of the company's inclusion in the risk category assessed by Coface?


1. interprets the financial situation of the company and the payment behavior in an extended analysis

2. performs a SWOT analysis of the company

3. has a wide addressability through a simple language

4. objectively interprets the financial indicators of the analyzed company

5. evaluates the sustainability of financial indicators considering various relevant factors




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