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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of Coface's business strategy. Our CSR projects are closely related to the business of the company in the area of  business environment support, but also to actions that generate good changes for people and communities.
The three main CSR directions that Coface follows are: entrepreneurship, education and social.
Coface's CSR programs include various social responsibility projects through which the company's employees are actively involved in initiatives with a positive impact in society.

Our CSR areas

As part of the three strategic CSR directions in which it operates, Coface Romania supports local entrepreneurs and develops strategic partnerships that contribute to boosting the business environment. Aligned to Coface's mission to help businesses grow sustainably in the long term, the actions developed under this umbrella are meant to support entrepreneurs in different stages of their development.


One such project is Coface Trade Aid, through which we support local organizations and associations for developing a sustainable economy, thus generating an economic advance at the community level. As part of these initiatives, Coface offers access to learning and collaboration contexts, as well as to different tools / services that can help the entrepreneurial environment create long-term added value.

Education, as a strategic direction of CSR actions, is in our DNA. We strongly believe that education can ensure a better future. Therefore, we support such projects with educational partners, contributing to the formation of future generations of specialists in the sense of professional development adapted to the contemporary economy.


Through these initiatives, Coface's know-how is transferred to the society and for training of specialized human resources in the financial field. Every year we organize Open Doors events for students, thus giving them access to the knowledge base of Coface.


On the other hand, we are actively involved in developing students' practical skills by applying theoretical concepts to practical case studies using Coface tools. Thus, we participate in the growth of a new generation of professionals who harmoniously combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical skills necessary for integration in the field of work and in the practical activity from the business environment.


Social involvement is an important component of our CSR policy. Through these actions, we contribute to supporting humanitarian associations whose initiatives have a real impact on society at different levels. Coface initiatives in the social area follow three pillars:


a. Health

Supporting healt project is part on the social responsibility agenda of Coface Romania. Each year, around the holidays, Coface organizes internal events dedicated to humanitarian purposes that benefit from the amounts collected as a result of these actions.


b. Community

Supporting the sustainable development of the community and building the necessary infrastructure represents a direction of social involvement in which Coface members get involved every year. We actively participate, together with our partners, in rehabilitation and construction projects for disadvantaged communities.


c. Support

Helping children from vulnerable social categories is a concern for Coface, which invests annually in support activities in this direction. Each year, Coface team members participate in charitable and social interactions with groups of children from dedicated centers.


1. Donate to the front line
Supporting projects with an impact on the health and safety of communities is in Coface's DNA. That's why, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we joined the "Donate to the First Line" initiative to support heroes fighting the new corovirus.
Through our contribution, we support the efforts to supply the necessary equipment in the actions to combat the spread of COVID-19, protecting those who are most exposed to risks. As a participant in one of the largest donation lines in Romania, we contribute to helping doctors and health personnel, as well as police, army and gendarmes, who make sustained efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Find out more about the project HERE.
2. Coface Trade Aid, in partnership with Antreprenoria
Coface Romania supports Antreprenoria, a social program developed by the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation (RBL) through which entrepreneurs and intratrepreneurs benefit from support in business scaling. As part of this partnership, Coface will help support growing businesses by providing solutions and know-how to entrepreneurs participating in the program.
Through this collaboration, Coface is involved in solving the challenges of entrepreneurs in stages of accelerated growth and who have real potential to innovate and turn into models on the market. The initiative strengthens Coface's strategy to support local entrepreneurship, not only through the services provided, but also through such partnerships.
Find out more, HERE.
3. SME Support, in partnership with CSR Nest
Through our integrated commercial risk management services, we support companies in their efforts to achieve sustainable development. Thus, we participate in joint strategic projects through which we contribute to the dynamization of the business environment and to the creation of businesses that generate long-term added value.
One of our objectives is to support Romanian SMEs in their actions to develop. In this sense, the collaboration with the CSR Nest Association is part of the series of Coface's initiatives to offer a point of support to the local business environment.
4. Financial Education for Students, in collaboration with The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
 We strongly believe that education is the basis of a better future, that is why we are constantly involved in projects addressed to young people together with educational partners. One such initiative is the collaboration with the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, through which we contribute to the development of students' practical skills.
As part of this partnership, Coface provides ASE, Master of Corporate Finance within the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchanges, complete financial analysis reports for various companies, using the InfoQuick platform.
Coface's role, as a private partner, is to provide access to the InfoQuick platform, information and financial data with applicability in the educational process. The purpose of the partnership is to provide the next generation of finance specialists with the necessary framework for developing skills in line with the realities of the business environment.
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