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Coface EasyLiner Plus

Coface EasyLiner Plus protects your trade receivables against the risk of customer default and covers your clients’ portfolio

Four good reasons to choose Easyliner Plus

  • Hedging of collecting the customer invoices
  • Compensation for losses due to financial default
  • Cover deliveries to international partners
  • Cover your clients' portfolio
EasyLiner Plus Credit Insurance is a unique product on the SMEs’ market that supports the growth and development of your business by including new safe clients in the insurance policy.

Provides professional credit risk management services: buyers’ analysis, payment behavior’s monitoring and debt collection services.


Unlike traditional insurance, the sales process here is simplified, giving you the control of standard options that allow rapid acquisition of the policy within 7 days. The insurance policy can be assigned to a bank in order to allow access to new funding sources.


EasyLiner Plus

A Romanian SME company, plastic packaging manufacturer, wants to grant commercial credits to their external clients, who bought so far only with payment in advance. To start this new project, the SME definitely wants to maintain its sustainability, but it also needs financing from a financial institution, in order to cover the gap between debt collection from their external clients and the costs occurred for the export of those goods.


Due to the discussions started with Coface and the bank that will finance the project, we deduce that EasyLiner Plus Credit Insurance offers both benefits:


      / collection's safety by outsource to Coface the credit risk

        within external clients;


      / assignment of the rights to the bank as a guarantee for new credit facilities, necessary to be granted.


The SME signs both the financing agreement with the bank and the EasyLiner Plus Insurance policy with Coface, alongside with the assignment of debt to the bank. Due to Coface partnership, the SME increases its export activity by 30% compared to the previous period. Then manages to sell its products and gets the payment on time from its external clients assessed by Coface. In case of payment delays, Coface can start the necessary collection actions.


  •   You enjoy a simple and direct credit risk management.
  •   You can choose to reduce the 5 month collection period by up to 3 months.
  •   You have increased access to funding: You can assign the contract to a bank.
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