How did CEE Top 500 companies perform


The twelfth CEE Top 500 study provides an outlook on the future and summarizes the region’s economic activity of the previous year, showcasing CEE as a region of prosperity. Moreover, it describes the condition of the 500 largest companies in CEE by their turnover

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9M-2020 Financial Results: Strong balance sheet and positive operational KPIs


As we continue to navigate an uncertain economic context, this successful quarter will allow us to better weather the challenges ahead. :

Some key highlights:

Client retention and new business are at record levels
Positive net production of €36.9 million
Coface reports €28.5m net income for this third quarter
Improved net cost ratio reflects continued cost controls

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COVID-19, a catalyst for political risks


The annual update of Coface's Political Risk Index, published in the Coface Q3 Barometer, highlights a dual trend: on the one hand, a decrease in the risk of conflict at a global level, but on the other, an increase in the risk of political and social fragility. The latter is exacerbated in the countries most exposed to the coronavirus pandemic.

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German companies have switched to “crisis-mode” and offer less payment terms


German companies want to cash in as early as possible, according to the fourth edition of Coface’s survey on corporate payment experience in Germany, conducted in July and early-August 2020, with 753 participating companies located in Germany.
Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 and its effects on the global and German economy is the predominant topic of this survey. One major finding is that German companies are getting worried: companies became cautious in providing payment terms to their clients and less companies are offering payment terms overall and these have shortened, even drastically in some sectors.

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