Despite initial concerns about the impact of the Ukraine war on Central and Eastern European (CEE) economies, the region has demonstrated resilience. However, due to the energy crisis and rising costs, the region has been progressively experiencing a slowdown.
Top 500 players: increase in turnover, net profits and employment, due to the macroeconomic developments

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France corporate payment behavior survey in 2023


In 2023, 97% of French companies have offered payment terms to their customers, with an average timeframe of 48 days.
Despite this, 82% of companies have recorded payments delays by their clients over the past 12 months. The majority stated that late payments were occurring more frequently, and for longer periods than last year. The deterioration in corporate payment habits is echoed in insolvency numbers, with an undisputed increase observed since the start of the year that has even overshot pre-Covid levels.

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Gulf Cooporation Council: A real winner of the global economic headwinds


After a slowdown in 2023 mainly due to lower energy production and prices, 2024 is expected to be a year of higher economic growth for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as, after several months of pessimism about global oil demand, prices have been on the rise since summer. But all countries are not equal…

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Coface Country and Sector Risk Barometer – Q3 2023


The good news at the start of 2023 quickly gave way to hints that the end of the year would be far less promising.
Over and above the risks that have already been mentioned many times, some of which continue to intensify (financial stability, social and political risks), we should bear in mind that the fight against inflation has not yet been won: excluding energy, inflation remains well above the targets set by central banks, while the situation on the oil market has (again) became tense following the attacks in Israel.

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