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Trade Credit Advisory

A Coface product dedicated to improving commercial credit management processes


  • You understand the strengths / weaknesses of internal business credit management processes
  • You understand the evolution of interest groups (suppliers, customers, competition)
  • You understand what are the most important risks and opportunities of the company in the analyzed financial ecosystem
  • You benefit from recommendations for improving commercial credit processes 

As a provider of integrated credit risk management services, Coface supports you with a new product, Trade Credit Advisory, which offers a complete perspective on your business by addressing key issues related to:

  • Sector of activity
  • Competitors
  • The risk profile (static and dynamic) of the client portfolio
  • Analysis of credit controlling processes as well as financing policies
  • Analysis of the fundamental data of your company

Full vision of a company's risk ecosystem

Trade Credit Advisory

The product is structured on three distinct levels of information that will help you get a complete view of your business ecosystem culminating in a series of recommendations for improving business credit and reducing the associated risks:


1. the only product in Romania that proposes a complete evaluation of the commercial credit risk management processes

2. analyzes the financial evolution of the most important sectors

3. captures the evolution of risk in the client portfolio

4. captures the strengths, opportunities and risks of the subject company

5. analyzes the internal credit risk monitoring processes

6. concludes the analysis of the financial ecosystem through recommendations


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