B2B Debt Collection: amicable and legal debt recovery

Recover your debts and improve business liquidity

Global debt recovery with the help of Coface specialists

A poor payment environment can affect the safety and solvency of a company. Often the payment behavior of customers indicates how they can honor their financial obligations. Even if you have taken all the necessary steps to secure payments, this does not mean that you will collect those amounts.

  • Outsourcing collection procedures

    The partnership with of a third party speeds up the debt collection process. We take over collection procedures, directly or through our network of partners, so you can focus on your business activities. We come to your support with amicable and legal collection services.

  • Amicable debt collection

    Amicable debt collection is a priority for our experts and helps maintain good business relations with your partners. Outsourcing amicable collection procedures to Coface does not involve costs, and in case of debt recovery, a success fee will be charged.

  • Legal debt collection

    We carry out specialized legal actions for the recovery of debts, as well as consultancy with the help of Coface partner lawyers. At the same time, you benefit from legal advice according to your specific needs. You have access to legal opinions from our specialists, in various cases and activities, and consultancy in contracting, invoicing and others.

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Extensive network of specialists

Our specialists use extensive expertise in credit risk management to support you in managing debt collection processes.

Through the actions carried out by the local team and the lawyer partners, we contribute to improving your cash flow and consolidating your business.

Professional debt collection process

Collection processes are tailored to the debt, debtor and consumer characteristics. Standard collection procedures include notification services, telephone contact campaigns, personal visits and negotiations regarding payment methods.

The first collection action is initiated within 24 hours of entrusting the case. Amicable collection procedures take up to 90 days.

Three reasons to choose debt collection by Coface

Do not let debts negatively impact your business!

  • Optimal risk management

    Data shows that debts are recovered faster with the involvement of a third party. Coface manages the time-consuming processes of debt collection so that you save time and effort.

  • Maintaining good relations with debtors

    By collecting debts amicably, we facilitate the establishment of good business relations with your debtors.

  • Access to a team of professionals

    Debt collection processes are managed by Coface team, both locally and internationally, as well as through the lawyers from the Coface partner network.