Stamp on invoice: collection of receivables in due time

A valuable service that helps you secure your invoices against the risk of non-payment

Don't let receivables affect your cash flow

Stamp on invoice is a useful tool to get your customers pay their invoices on time.

  • Payment environment

    An improper payment environment can affect your company's solvency.

  • Payment behaviour

    Many times, the payment behavior of customers indicates how likely are thet to honor their financial ogligations,

  • Securing payments

    Even if you have taken all the necessary steps to secure your payments, this does not automatically mean that you will collect those debts.

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A useful tool for businesses

Stamp on invoice is a service offered to companies which are willing to inform their business partners that in the event of payment failure on schedule, the debt collection procedure will be conducted by a debt collecting company, in this case Coface.


This solution enables to reduce costs and minimizes the necessity to conduct debt collection proceedings in the future.

Reducing financial losses with stamp on invoice

The stamp clearly informs the buyer on transferring the collection case to Coface if the payment is late.

It appears as a stamp and has a proven impact on better liquidity. The stamp in available in RO and EN.

Three reasons to choose stamp on invoice by Coface

Coface supports you with a service specially designed to track invoices and limit losses due to unpaid invoices or late payments

  • Prioritizing invoice payment

    Invoices issued with the Coface stamp will be paid with priority by customers.

  • Preventing debt increase

    The cash flow is protected from unpaid invoices by paying them on time.

  • Business consolidation

    Benefit from increased credibility with business partners and Coface's expertise in collecting commercial debts.