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    Business information: know better, grow better!

    How can you assess the financial health of a partner when extending trade credit? What are the solutions available to anticipate a potential non-payment by a partner? What are the best market opportunities for developing your business while cutting back on risk? Coface's information services help you make informed decisions, so you can control commercial risk and open up new growth opportunities.

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    Debt Collection: how to get paid before it's too late!

    A long-outstanding debt, unsuccessful internal debt collection efforts, difficult or even unreachable customers... Well, you’re not alone: 80% of companies struggle to collect unpaid debts! When this happens to you, calling on the skills of Debt Collection experts is a winning strategy to get paid before it’s too late. Remember this: 25% of unpaid debts result in bankruptcy.

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    Trade Credit Insurance in a nutshell

    Trade Credit Insurance is a credit risk management solution that safeguards the development of your business, in particular by protecting you against losses due to non-payment of invoices.

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