Performance bond for suppliers and services

A guarantee for the quantitative, qualitative fulfillment of the contract

Protection against risks during the implementation period of a public contract

Any company that wants to conclude contracts with the state is obliged to constitute the performance bond. With Coface’s contract surety bonds, you comply not only with the sector’s legal obligations (sub-contracting) but also with current market practices.

  • What is it?

    The performance bond is constituted by the contractor (Insured) in order to ensure the contracting authority/entity (Beneficiary) the quantitative, qualitative fulfillment and within the agreed period of the sectoral contract/subsequent contract.

  • Which are the insured risks?

    Actual, direct losses caused to the Beneficiary during the period of validity of the insurance policy and the public/sectoral procurement contract, resulting from those situations in which the Insured, through his sole fault, does not perform his contractual obligations towards Beneficiary upon signing the public/sectoral procurement contract.

  • Why choose?

    Contributes to securing the procedures in implementing a public contract.

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Who are the insured & beneficiaries?

The Insured

Companies registered in Romania or in other states of the European Union or associations of companies registered in Romania or in other states of the European Union.

The Beneficiaries

Contracting authorities, as defined by Law 98 on public procurement 


Contracting entities, as defined by Law 99 on sectoral procurement.

Which are the conditions?

  • The insured value may be a maximum of 10% of the VAT free value of the sectoral public procurement contract.
  • The validity period is usually established until the date of drawing up the minutes of receipt of the products/services and/or from the payment of the final invoice.
  • Performance bond must be irrevocable.
  • The performance bond must state that the indemnification will be made unconditionally, on the basis of the Beneficiary statement.

Three reasons to choose performance bonds by Coface

This product is Coface's answer and contribution to the need for companies to implement public contracts in safe conditions.

  • Speed and low costs

    The process of obtaining the surety bonds is much faster and has lower costs.

  • Cash-flow protection

    Protect the working capital and liquidities of companies and does not involve blocking of sums of money or other types of assets in the company's patrimony.

  • Operations improvement

    Improve the balance sheet structure and the efficient use of the company's resources for carrying out the operational activity.