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Study on Insolvencies in Romania for the first Quarter - 2014

Insolvencies Study Q1 2014

Coface’s analysis, based on the data provided by the National Trade Register Office, indicates that the first quarter of this year registered 5.929 companies in various stages of insolvency, down by 14% compared to the same period of 2013 when 6.910 insolvencies were opened, and down by 17% compared to the same period of 2012.

The first 10 sectors that registered over the last years the highest number of insolvent companies remained unchanged and the only modifications are related to the order in the top, but with variations of one, maximum two positions. The Production and supply of electricity, water & gas, the Extractive industry and Constructions were the most affected sectors in relation to the number of active companies.

Although declining, compared to the previous year, the number of insolvent companies in the first quarter of this year, with a turnover higher than 1 MEUR is still high. But it is important to be mentioned that there were not registered insolvencies among companies with turnover higher than 100 MEUR, given that in the same period of the previous year, 4 such companies became insolvent.

The territorial distribution of the insolvency cases for the first quarter of this year did not suffer significant changes from the existing situation of the same period of 2013. Thus, the most affected 3 areas in 2014 were Bucharest, South and the Center of Romania, concentrating approximately half of the total insolvencies registered in the analyzed period.

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