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Coface Technologies will expand its team in Romania with over 100 software engineers over the next 4 years

Coface Technologies will expand its team in Romania with over 100 software engineers over the next 4 years

Six years after its inauguration, the software development hub Coface Technologies plans to grow its team of IT specialists to 200 members within four years. The plan is part of the group's ambition to strengthen the position of the technology center in Romania as an integrated supplier of software solutions for Coface offices around the world.

Software for the financial industry

The projects developed within Coface Technologies serve the main business lines of the group in contracting operations, invoicing, business information, claims. The local team of software engineers works on the development of back-office applications used in most of the 100 countries where Coface operates, directly or through partners. With a long life cycle of over 10 years, the projects aim to develop new features for Coface back-office using technologies and frameworks based on Java and Angular, while ensuring ETL (Data Warehouse), DQA (Data Quality Assurance), business analysis, QA (Software Quality Assurance).

Throughout the six years of activity in Romania, the technology center's specialists have implemented complex development projects such as Atlas Risk, a commercial insurance risk calculation tool, used in over 60 countries where Coface operates. In addition to this they worked on a tool that provides identification data for companies in all countries, but also on an invoicing platform used in 26 countries.

"Coface Technologies managed to build a stable and high-performing team in a deeply competitive environment, maintaining a balance between work and personal life. We are lead actors of the modernization of the technological stack, processes and tools used in the development of Coface back-office software. In the six years since we have been providing software we have attracted talent that have implemented projects with a major impact on the group's operations. Looking in the near future, we aim to expand the team and continue software development projects for internal customers", declared Robert Lupoiu, Head of Development, Coface Technologies.

A team of software engineers with financial DNA

Coface Technologies team currently has almost 100 specialists. The average experience of colleagues in the development center is 4 years at Coface and 10 years of seniority in the field. A percentage of 80% of the current management team (Team Leaders and Software Architects) has been taking part in the development of Coface projects since the opening of the hub in 2017.

Expertise and modernization are part of the team’s DNA anchored in the main technological developments of the profile segment. According to the software developers at Coface, 2023 will be marked by three major trends on the software solutions market. In the area of automation, RPA systems can optimize an organization's activities in a non-intrusive manner, and in a context of influx of information and processes RPA becomes necessary. Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum and overcoming technological and human barriers at an ever-accelerating pace. Last but not least, Data Lake is on the technology agenda of the current year amid the massive need to store data in a centralized system.

In a context marked by numerous social and economic changes, Coface Technologies continues the plans to consolidate its position as a software hub where stability and continuity define daily operations. The Bucharest team is part in the development of the software in all its aspects, using new technologies, in an agile work environment. In line with the mission to develop high-performance solutions, local team members help Coface specialists provide innovative risk management services for clients around the world.

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