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Coface Romania and The Bucharest University of Economic Studies will collaborate to develop a model for credit risk assessment

Coface Romania and The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Coface Romania in partnership with The Bucharest University of Economic Studies will work together within a research and development project. The project is 80% funded by the Executive Agency for Higher Education Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI), the remaining funding being provided by Coface Romania as a private partner. The project will last two years (July 2014 - June 2016) and the result will be the development of a new assessment model of the corporate risk. 


One year after the initial submission of the project for public financing in early July 2014, the two partners have received positive response from UEFISCDI to start the activity.

The main objective of the research project is to create a “new model for corporate risk assessment: a scientific tool for knowledge based management‎", which will contribute to the development of forward looking variables (including macroeconomic level analysis), sensitivity analysis (scenario stress test based), different calibration for SME and LC (large corporates) etc.

Coface’s role, as private partner, through its 9 financial analysts coordinated by Iancu Guda (Business Information & Debt Collection Manager) will provide the know-how and expertise in economic analysis, financial information and databases to test the model and the company’s resources within the different phases of the project.

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies will be the coordinator of this initiative and its research team of 9 doctors in Economics will be responsible for developing the project regarding budgets’ eligibility, reporting to ANCS etc.

"We believe in our partnerships within the business environment and we are confident that this joint project, won through a tough competition will establish a long term relationship. Along with Coface, a company with wide international recognition, we hope to contribute to the knowledge development and the training of human resources specialized in corporate risk assessment.", said Professor Ion Stancu, PhD, Vice-Rector of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange.

"We are honored to be able to really get involved in this research and development project of corporate risk assessment, even more with an educational partner, such as The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Through this initiative, we want to transfer Coface’s know-how in the service of society and, with the research team of ASE, to generate long-term results in terms of risk forecasting. Also, another goal is to inspire both Coface analysts and future generations of economic students to pursue a professional career tailored to the nowadays economy.", said Constantin Coman, Country Manager, Coface Romania.

Coface’s team annually engages in social responsibility actions dedicated to education through partnerships with various student associations, supports underprivileged children with scholarships and sponsors personal development projects.

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