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Natural gas: an oscillation between boom and gloom


The natural gas market is booming and will increase in the medium term, but many factors point to a less promising future.
Until recently, natural gas was acclaimed as the "cleanest" of fossil fuels and all indicators point to an increase in demand and production.

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Morocco: payment delays are improving but remain too long


Coface's fourth survey on payment terms in Morocco shows a situation that remains worrying despite a slight improvement.
Coface presents its fourth survey on the payment behavior of companies in Morocco. Carried out at the beginning of 2019, this survey aims to monitor the evolution of payment terms and delays between the various Moroccan economic actors.

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Positive revenue trend and an increase of 17% in 2017 compared to the previous year for wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equip...


Positive revenue trend and an increase of 17% in 2017 compared to the previous year for wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

• 17% increase in consolidated revenues in the sector;
• The money conversion cycle became positive in 2017, 3 days, from -1 day in 2016;
• Decrease in the period of receivables collection from 64 to 60 days.

• More than one third of companies (43%) registered a decrease in revenues;
• Almost a third of the companies operating in this sector do not obtain profit from their core business;
• Among companies with turnover > EUR 1 Million, 2018 was a maximum in terms of the number of incidents recorded and the number of companies for which they were registered.

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From copycat to early bird: Taking stock of China’s 5G ambitions


China coordinated its approach to 5G and some successes are already visible. However, China still relies on imports, especially for high-end products, leaving the sector exposed to protectionist threats. Moreover, the deployment of 5G networks by Chinese companies is perceived as a cybersecurity risk by many recipient countries. The US is banning Huawei equipment and pressing its allies to do the same, which could limit the growth of Chinese 5G in the future.

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In Global Economic slowdown, Luxury continues to outperform but faces new challenge


In a global economic slowdown, luxury continues to outperform but faces new challenges

Counterfeiting, e-commerce, Chinese consumers importance - even if it is generally relatively spared by recessions, the luxury market must adapt to a profoundly changing economy if it does not want to lose its exceptional status.

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