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German companies have switched to “crisis-mode” and offer less payment terms


German companies want to cash in as early as possible, according to the fourth edition of Coface’s survey on corporate payment experience in Germany, conducted in July and early-August 2020, with 753 participating companies located in Germany.
Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 and its effects on the global and German economy is the predominant topic of this survey. One major finding is that German companies are getting worried: companies became cautious in providing payment terms to their clients and less companies are offering payment terms overall and these have shortened, even drastically in some sectors.

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Coface launches Trade Credit Advisory, a product dedicated to improving the trade credit management process


Coface Romania supports companies with a unique product on the market, Trade Credit Advisory, which offers a full assessment of trade credit risk management processes. The launch of this product takes place in a context marked by structural changes in the economy. In this context, in-depth knowledge of a company's risk ecosystem, in parallel with the analysis of external evolutions, systemic risks, as well as key macro and microeconomic vectors becomes essential.

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Will Europe remain a renewable energy powerhouse after the pandemic?


The COVID-19 health crisis has had a negative impact on short-term global renewable energy development, and challenges remain in the medium- to long-term, according to a recent Coface study.
Renewables have strengthened rapidly in the last 20 years, particularly in power generation, increasingly gaining market share from traditional energy sources such as coal, oil, and nuclear. The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on this segment of the energy sector, as the pandemic disrupted supply chains and labour availability. Access to funding was also hit hard. These recent trends have affected projects that had already been approved, as well as other projects in the pipeline.

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Coface launches Diagnostic, an innovative product that helps companies correctly assess the financial situation of business partners


In the current situation marked by numerous economic challenges, Coface Romania supports companies by launching Diagnostic, a unique product on the business information market in Romania. The new product develops a risk profile of a subject company in a widely addressable language.

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Turnover for the first semester: €725m, down 0.6% at constant FX and perimeter
Client retention and new business achieve record levels, with a positive net production of €33m
First effects of re-pricing are now visible (+0.2%)
Revenues from services progress by 7%, including information services up by 13%
Client activities continue to slowdown – a trend expected to continue over the following quarters

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