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Country and sector risks worldwide


Europe remains the big winner in the world economic upturn.
World economic growth might not yet be at its highest (2.9% in 2017 and 2018), but there can be no denying that there are healthy signs. This quarter, once again, nearly all of the revised country and sector risk assessments from Coface show marked improvements.

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The wholesale of wood material and constructions materials


The trend of the insolvency ratio in the sector is downward over the past three years, similar to the trend at the level of the entire economy, but it is maintained above the latter.
In 2015, the wholesale of wood material and constructions materials and equipment sector ranked 8 in the Top 10 sectors (NACE 4 digits) based on the number of insolvent companies (as in 2014), considering that the number of insolvent companies related to the number of active companies (turnover > 0) was above the national average (2.2% in 2015 and 4.5 in 2014, respectively).

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The bond market is turning into a "spare tyre" in several countries of Asia, Central Europe and Latin America


Since the early 2000s, corporate debt in the emerging countries has been on a constant rise, with significant acceleration since the 2008 crisis: the value growing fourfold between 2008 and 2017, corresponding to a nigh-on 25 percentage point rise in the GDP. Emerging Asia is the region most concerned by corporate debt (133% of GDP in 2016), largely caused by China.

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Morocco Corporate Payment Survey, first half of 2017


Extended payment periods across practically all sectors: 99 days on average in 2017, up from 82 days in 2016.
The latest edition of Coface’s annual survey analyses the payment behaviour of 256 companies in different sectors of activity. The sample of participants covered is 23% larger than for the 2016 edition and includes more export companies.

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Central & Eastern European insolvencies overview


Less business insolvencies in 2016, but a downturn in the construction sector.
2016 showed a continued decline of 6% in the number of company insolvencies in the Central and Eastern European region, following a fall of 14% in 2015. In all, over the course of last year, six entities per 1,000 became insolvent. This improvement was in line with the favourable macroeconomic environment, largely due to the positive situation on the labour market, with lower unemployment rates and rising wages. Despite this, insolvencies are still above the pre-crisis levels of 2008 in most countries. Romania and Slovakia were the only two countries to record lower levels of company insolvencies than before 2008.

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