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Our offer

Alongside businesses to protect them against unpaid invoices

At Coface, our main mission is to insure businesses – from SMEs to multinationals - against unpaid invoices, which can undermine their activity. In this way, we have designed a range of credit insurance solutions covering 4 key requirements expressed by businesses for export: insuring their sales, financing their development, covering their risks on a case-by-case basis and evaluating markets.
This “made by Coface” protection is based on a powerful prevention system: our experts work around the globe to analyse the financial strength of businesses and anticipate payment arrears. Through this continuous review, we provide feedback on all or part of the customer portfolio, complementing and partnering with businesses. 
Our in-depth knowledge of buyers and the markets enables us to offer bespoke advice and services, in addition to taking action quickly when risks of unpaid invoices materialize. This responsiveness is possible thanks to the unique close ties established with our customers, backed by our presence in 99 countries. In Romania, the underwriting division along with specialized brokers nationwide and a dedicated Key Accounts team in Bucharest and also in Cluj, keep us alert and help us to be proactive and anticipate risky situations.
Coface is the only provider of integrated credit risk management services in Romania. In addition to credit insurance, Coface offers factoring, business information production and receivables management services in some countries.

Alongside businesses to protect them against unpaid invoices

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UEA companies payment survey

Coface, the worldwide leader in trade credit management solutions and risk information services, has published its first-ever Credit Opinion Survey for the UAE region, which was conducted among 136 companies from 11 different sectors with the aim of understanding trends and developments in corporate payments.
The survey’s participants reported that payment terms are lengthening. Companies have reacted to lower sale volumes, stemming from weaker global trade and tightened liquidity, by delaying payments. Nevertheless, despite these lengthier payments, the majority of the respondents are optimistic on the future economic outlook for the UAE and GCC region.

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Evolution of the national sector of road transport of goods

In the absence of sufficient profits, the investments continue to be financed by the late payment of suppliers.
According to the financial data available for 2015 for all the companies which activate in the sector of road transport of goods, these register increasing rev-enues which can be found in insufficient profits. The investments for revamping represent 39% of the total assets, significantly over their wear and tear dynam-ics for the fourth consecutive year, the impact being slightly visible in the light of a sensitive increase of the consolidated profitability. The companies in the analyzed sector have maintained the high level of the supplier credit, their aver-age payment duration being of 112 days while the receivables are collected at 88 days.

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