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InfoQuick - Online Reports

InfoQuick reports help you to make decisions in a short time and minimize the risks from your suppliers and clients


  • Selecting your ideal business partners
  • Decision making process in a very short time
  • Minimizing risks from suppliers and clients
  • Creating an objective overview of the financial health of your business partners, including your competitors
Coface InfoQuick is a valuable tool in credit risk management, which renders a company profile, providing the necessary support for assessing your business partners’ situation and for taking well-justified decisions whether to develop a commercial partnership with them.

Coface InfoQuick is delivered online in a few minutes and presents any Romanian company considering:


Business Credit Reports

New Service SRL, a recently SME, wants to enter on the market with a new product and to capitalize an aggressive growth over the next three years.


Due to the low power of negotiation and payment difficulties on the market, most of the clients pay on time within 30 - 60 days. Even if the bills' average value is reduced, any late payment may jeopardize the fragile balance of financing this SME.


New Service SRL needs a preliminary review of its business partners, available really fast and at a low price. Thus, New Service uses InfoQuick online platform, offered by Coface, where it can obtain, in less than 3 minutes, identifiable information for any company in Romania, financial information for the past four years, legal information and data regarding the payment behavior of the interviewed company.


InfoQuick helped New Service SRL and other SMEs to save time and resources, by providing the possibility of a short time decision making process and also minimizing the risks from suppliers and clients.

INFOQUICK.RO - a quick and easy solution to remove concerns arising in business partnerships

Infoquick.coface.ro is a web based software application, set up as an online platform that allows clients to obtain business information about Romanian companies in a very short time.


The core product of InfoQuick platform is the Online Basic Report, a collection of public data generated by the application using automatic querying of online information sources and information already stored in our local databases.

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