Coface Study: Dairy and Cheese Manufacturing Sector-negative revenue evolution in 2018, with a 5% decrease compared to 2017


A new study by Coface Romania on the sector of "Dairy products and cheese manufacturing" indicates a negative evolution of revenues in 2018, which decreased with approximately 5% compared to 2017, with a slightly increased profitability. The study aggregated the data of 448 companies that submitted their financial situation for 2018 and generated a consolidated turnover of RON 3.8 billion. The weight of the cumulative market share held by the most important 10 players is 58%, which indicates a high degree of concentration.

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Meat Processing and Preservation Sector: negative evolution of revenues in 2018, with 19% decrease compared to previous year


A new study by Coface Romania on the Meat Processing and Preservation Sector indicates a negative evolution of revenues for 2018, with a decrease of approx. 19% compared to the previous year. Thus, the African swine fever (ASF) lead to cuts of over RON 1 billion in the turnover of these companies, the consolidated revenues at sectoral level decreasing from RON 6.13 billion (2017) to only RON 4.96 billion (2018), the minimum in the last 5 years. According to NSVFSA (National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority), almost 1.000 outbreaks of African swine fever are registered in Romania, just two months before Christmas. The Coface study aggregated the data of 507 companies that submitted their financial statements for the year 2018 and generated a consolidated turnover of RON 4.96 billion.

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2019 survey on company payments in Germany: turn of the tide


85% of companies report longer payment terms in 2019 vs 2017
According to Coface's 2019 Germany payment survey of 442 companies, the country is in a phase of change. The pressure on companies from international competition is increasing. This is one of the reasons why the pressure on their cash flow continues to increase. On average, German companies saw their payment terms increase from 29.8 days in 2017 to 35.9 days in 2019.
Even if credit risks are insured, companies' confidence in their customers has declined. Short- and medium-term credit periods still dominate the market. 87% of companies request that payments be made within 60 days – a very short time in terms of international comparison. Clients missing payment deadlines now affects 85% of German companies, compared to 78% two years ago.

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Agri-food sector outlook: in a global economy marked by protectionist tensions, what does the future hold?


Central to the current trade tensions, notably between the USA and China, the global agri-food sector is impacted by knock on effects, notably via downward trends on the prices of key agri-food commodities, such as soybean. Coface has conducted an in-depth analysis of future trends in this market.
A particularly strategic sector, agri-food (along with ICT) is one of the sectors key to the current trade war between the United States and China. Recently, Chinese authorities have taken steps to ban all agri-food imports from the United States, in response to the tariff increases announced by the Trump administration

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