From copycat to early bird: Taking stock of China’s 5G ambitions


China coordinated its approach to 5G and some successes are already visible. However, China still relies on imports, especially for high-end products, leaving the sector exposed to protectionist threats. Moreover, the deployment of 5G networks by Chinese companies is perceived as a cybersecurity risk by many recipient countries. The US is banning Huawei equipment and pressing its allies to do the same, which could limit the growth of Chinese 5G in the future.

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In Global Economic slowdown, Luxury continues to outperform but faces new challenge


In a global economic slowdown, luxury continues to outperform but faces new challenges

Counterfeiting, e-commerce, Chinese consumers importance - even if it is generally relatively spared by recessions, the luxury market must adapt to a profoundly changing economy if it does not want to lose its exceptional status.

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Road freight transport sector: 61% of the companies in this sector exposed to a medium to high and high risk of insolvency


• Consolidated sector revenues increased by 14%
• Over a third of the companies (40%) made investments in 2017
• Profitability ratios have remained at the same level as last year

• Over half of the companies in the sector are exposed to an insolvency risk above average
• The car fleet is obsolete, with 75% of the registered vehicles in use at the end of the year being older than 10 years, in line with the modest evolution of the infrastructure
• Over one third of the companies (43%) reported a decrease in revenues

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Sectorial Risk Map April 2019


Sector Risk Assessment
13 Major Sectors Assessed Worldwide

Coface assessments are based on 70 years of Coface expertise.
Financial data published by listed companies from 6 geographical regions.

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Coface strengthens its market position in the Adriatic region by acquiring SID - PKZ, the leading credit insurance company in Slovenia


Coface announces today the acquisition of SID - PKZ, the market leader in credit insurance in Slovenia with a high market share. As Coface has acquired all SID - PKZ shares, the business will operate under the new brand name Coface PKZ. The acquisition supports Coface’s strategy of profitable growth in Central & Eastern Europe region.

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