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Excellent SME

Coface Marketing Data services help you identify your ideal business partners, according to the development's needs of your company


  • Clearly exposing your positive risk assessment score
  • Higher credibility in the eyes of clients and business partners
  • Promoting the company through CCIB and Coface Romania
  • Nationwide recognition of your company's sustainability
Excellent SME Certificate, issued by The Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Coface Romania, represents an ideal solution that brings you opportunities regarding advertising and business development.

The fundamentals for certification are the company assessment report and the daily monitoring performed by Coface Romania by checking all the information related to events that may impact the company's economic and financial situation and its ability to fulfill its commercial responsibilities.


A company’s positive situation is certified through a specific logo displayed on its website, by using the licensed SafeSigned™ technology.


Benefits for the business partners and website visitors of the certified companies:

  • Lower business risk
  • Higher trust within business partnerships
  • Easier, faster and less riskier business decision making


Excellent SME

Fast Grow SRL, a medium-sized company, proposes a strategy to increase market share by growing faster than the competition. The strategy presents many challenges, because the competition is aggressive, trust between partners is hard to get and Trust SRL has a limited budget for advertising and marketing.


One of the best suppliers of Fast Grow is Trust SRL, a company that is awarded with the Excellent SME Certificate offered by The Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based on the financial analysis provided by Coface.
Thanks to this logo, impossible to copy and visible on Trust SRL website, the company is certified as having a very low risk.


Based on the recommendation received from Trust SRL, Fast Grow SRL applies for certification with Coface. Due to a detailed financial analysis, Coface's credit report confirms that Fast Grow SRL is a low risk business, and the company is now certified by The Chamber of Commerce through an online logo and is listed on the official website of Coface, within the select category of low risk companies.


Shortly after the certification, Fast Grow SRL noticed an increased traffic on its website used mainly to promote its services and sales are now running faster. Recently, the company received an extension regarding its invoices payment terms to a supplier, based on the credibility offered by Coface's Certificate.

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