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Insolvency vs. Excellence

Insolvency vs. Excellence
Top five business practices of insolvent companies’ and success secrets of companies with low risk "Excellent SME"

Our study analyses the quality of incomes and the return on investments through a mirror comparison of the companies with low risk and insolvent companies, in order to observe business practices that reduce or increase the risk of insolvency.

By low-risk companies we are referring at small and medium entities included by Coface in low risk class, being awarded with The Excellent SME Certificate.

By high risk companies we are referring at 7,389 companies which became insolvent in the first nine months of this year, of which 4,249 submitted their financial statements before opening their insolvency proceedings. This sample is representative, because the percentage of numerical coverage is 58% while the share of value is almost 85%.

The analysis of financial information allows us to observe by comparison five essential elements regarding the quality of incomes and the management of investments. 

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