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Insolvencies Study in Romania in 2015

Insolvencies Study in 2015

In 2015, 9,886 new insolvencies were initiated, by approximately 51% less than the previous year and by 43% compared to the average of the last 10 years.

Despite of this fact, Romania continues to record an incident of insolvencies for each 1,000 active companies more than 4 times higher than the average recorded at regional level, with 45 insolvencies per 1,000 active companies, holding the leading position from this point of view. 

With respect to sector distribution, the manufacture of textile products, sanitation, constructions, food and beverage industry, and HORECA are the top five sectors with the highest number of insolvencies newly initiated during 2015 per 1,000 active companies. 

The territorial distribution of insolvency cases registered during 2015 did not register significant changes compared to the circumstances of the same period of the previous year.The areas of Bucharest and N-W remained the first two regions which recorded the highest number of insolvencies, while the N-E and S-W areas hold the last two positions from this point of view. 

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