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Distribution of IT products analysis

Distribution of IT products analysis
According to the financial statements published by the Ministry of Finance, the companies whose main activity was the "Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software" during 2012 generated a total turnover of 5.6 BRON and 5.491 jobs.

Although lately was noticed a positive evolution of the financial performance of the companies in the sector, to identify the factors which determined the negative dynamics of the sales volumes, the study makes an analysis of the sector from the following perspectives:

  • The distribution of the companies by turnover
  • Structure of the profit & loss account
  • The resources in terms of attracting funding and the allocation of resources for long-term investments
  • Liquidity ratios
  • Investigation of the cash-flow

The sector of the IT products and software distribution is quite mature; more than half of the active companies have more than 10 years of experience in the market. These companies have the most important economic and social role in the sector, being the ones that generate 87% of the overall turnover and concentrates 85% of the total number of employees.

The incomes contraction and competition above average registered within the sector impacted the evolution of the companies during 2013. Specifically, 15% of the analyzed companies have closed their activity, with an average of 10 years activity, an aggregate turnover of 313 MRON, while the total debts were 336 MRON.

The analysis of a sample of 210 companies activating in this field and who are in Coface's portfolio, analysis resulted that 65% of these have a risk of insolvency higher than average.From the payment behavior’s perspective, about 41% of companies make payments very slowly, or do not respect their contracts and only 26% make payments without delay. 

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