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Credit Insurance

Coface's solution to prevent and cover non-payment risks for your invoices, in Romania and internationally

Four Good reasons to CHOOSE CREDIT INSURANCE Product line

  • A comprehensive policy by including clients' analysis and debt collection process within the contract
  • Country risk analysis to protect your business against potential debtors
  • Economies of scale
  • A powerful international network
Credit Insurance helps you manage the credit you extend to your clients and allows you to protect your trade receivables against the risk of customer default. Offered to all companies, from SMEs to multinationals, it is a scalable and highly comprehensive policy.


Comprehensive, since you benefit from:
  • the guarantee of your buyers and the possibility of monitoring their development in real time;
  • the indemnification of your unpaid invoices;
  • comprehensive financial information on your sales partners (prospects, suppliers etc.) in order to make the best choices: Debtor Risk assessment, @rating credit opinion, in-depth report etc.;
  • professionally handled collection of your unpaid invoices around the world.


Scalable, since you can choose:
  • to cover your home country and/or exports;
  • to centralise or decentralise the management of your policy;
  • to opt for ground-up cover or an excess of loss policy;
  • your level of autonomy in the credit decision-making process;
  • tailored options such as cover for your legal disputes, production period insurance, delivery and shipping guarantees etc. 


It allows you to optimize your credit risk management, to guarantee local and export sales and also helps you expand your business within higher-risk countries and new business partnerships.


Credit Insurance

Coface insures the trade receivables of a Romanian company that imports home appliances. This company is on the verge of obtaining its first major contract with a mass market DIY retailer.
After an in-depth analysis of this retailer’s situation, Coface warns the company of the customer’s non-payment risk. The CEO, is nevertheless prepared to proceed with this order, which alone would increase the company’s annual sales by 30%.
After further reflection, the CEO decides to nevertheless request a meeting with a Coface analyst, who convinces him emphatically of imminent and serious difficulties with the prospect. In the end, the company decides to sell less, but against advance payment.

The retailer’s group is filing for insolvency in the next months, whilst the company based on Coface’s know-how has avoided a high bad debt.

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