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Marketing Data

Coface Marketing Data services help you identify your ideal business partners, according to the development's needs of your company


  • Target market segmentation according to your needs
  • Optimizing marketing and sales strategies
  • Flexible search using a variety of parameters
  • Updated financial information about most industries
Coface Marketing Data services offer you the possibility to identify potential business partners from different industries and optimizing your business strategy by defining your target market.

Marketing Data represents a quantum of information through which you can identify your ideal business partners, according to the development needs of your company. The speed change of Romanian business environment makes accurate information a key success factor.


Coface launches regular CDs that contain marketing data, so active companies on Romanian market that want to initiate businesses can benefit from useful and user-friendly tools.



Marketing Data

New Business SRL is a company operating in the food industry. Starting this year, the company expanded its product range by entering the dairy market.


Given that these products are addressed to a new segment of clients and invoices are cashed in on time, New Business SRL wants to minimize the risk by choosing the best business partners. Specifically, New Business SRL needs to know potential clients in the area, for at least 3 years on the market that recorded an increase in turnover & profitability and with debts under the sectoral average.


Applying these filters in its own database, Coface provides to New Business SRL marketing data as databases of 850 local companies that meet these criteria simultaneously, alongside with their risk assessment and contact information for all of these companies (official address, contact phone numbers and names of the top management team).


Based on the information provided by Coface, New Business SRL has now a solid starting point to support its ambitious growth strategy through an accurate identification of its target market.


To his surprise, the CEO of New Business SRL noticed that three potential clients that were initially targeted in order to deliver the goods on time are not included in the database provided by Coface and decides to avoid these companies.

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