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Company Risk Monitoring

You will get real-time updates on utmost importance changes regarding the situation of your business partners


  • Information about changes regarding the business partners' financial situation
  • Fast and reliable decision making process on partnership development
  • Customized solutions and fully automated monitoring process possible
  • Take precautions in partnerships with high risk

Company Risk Monitoring Services from Coface provide companies with high-quality information customized to their needs. This will improve the decision-making processes and control potential risks.


High-quality information, since:
  • It is the first early warning system that covers 13 countries in CEE in a single database
  • Coface provides a 24/7 automatic check for changes in ICON data, according to a pre-defined routine
  • Well-timed notification of changes of parameters with previous and current status
Customized to your needs, since you can choose:
  • Of a wide range of services depending on your individual monitoring needs
  • To combine or not combine it with our Business Credit Reports
  • Up to 28 individual monitoring parameters or automatic check for complete financial statements


Company Risk Monitoring

Rapid SRL is a large transport company with many partners. In an economic environment where change is hovering and can have a significant impact on companies, firms will always seek to obtain business information quickly and inexpensively and to act proactively in order to avoid further losses.


To do this, Rapid SRL receives automatic monitoring services from Coface regarding the following information:


    / daily: if any partner became insolvent


    / weekly: if a client has lawsuits, changes within its

      performance, new tools refused to be paid or debts to the

      state budget


    / monthly: if there are changes on the ownership structure or associated companies


Information provided by Coface are delivered in a structured layout, via email or online platforms.


Based on Coface's reports, Rapid SRL discover that one of its partners was listed as debtor within an insolvency application, filed in the previous week, and that it has two promissory notes refused to be paid.
Based on this information, Rapid SRL immediately decides to stop the shipment of approximately 5.000 EUR. In the same report provided by Coface, Rapid SRL is informed that another client became insolvent the day after. This information immediately reached the legal department of Rapid SRL that can respect the enrollment deadline at the statement of affairs.

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