Our offer


Analyze and monitor your clients - with just one click, anytime and anywhere


  • Enables you to identify potential risk and minimize your commercial risk by monitoring your portfolio
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere on your computer or mobile
  • You can get an alert about positive and negative changes of your monitored customers (e.g. in case of insolvency)
  • Offers details about companies from Coface global information network present in 66 countries and 224 cities

CofaPay is an analytical tool that enables you to monitor the payment behavior of your customers. On the basis of the invoices forwarded by the users of the program, the tool provides reports regarding the payment behavior for specific customers, industry or sector, for a group of companies or for all of them.


CofaPay is offering you the possibility to optimize your business by providing the following information:

  • Assessment of the solvability of your customers
  • Analysis and monitoring of your portfolio
  • Comparison on payments performance of your customers within the industry
  • Information on debt collection history, insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Romanian
  • English