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Personal data policy

COMPAGNIE FRANCAISE D'ASSURANCE POUR LE COMMERCE EXTERIEUR S.A. BOIS-COLOMBES – BUCHAREST SUBSIDIARY is registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) under no. 5743 of 2007.
SC COFACE ROMANIA CREDIT MANAGEMENT SERVICES SRL, Business Information Division is registered with ANSPDCP under no. 9480 of 2008, and the Claim Management Division is registered with ANSPDCP under no. 965 of 2008.
COFACE ROMANIA INSURANCE SERVICE SRL is registered with ANSPDCP under no. 37318 of 2016.
Thank you for visiting this website. Your privacy is important to us and we undertake a commitment to respect and protect it. As part of this commitment, we have prepared the information below in order to explain the manner in which Coface Romania and its subsidiaries generally collect, use, disclose, and handle the readers’ personal information.
Disclosure of personal data:
We shall not disclose, lease, sell or transfer personal information in any way whatsoever without your agreement, except for the situations required by the legislation in force, as well as for the cases set forth in any regulation which shall be provided to you when your personal data are requested.
Personal data security:
We have implemented various measures in an effort to maintain the confidentiality of all the personal data under our custody and control, including by providing access to this information only to the authorized staff and service providers who need such information. We maintain an administrative, technical and physical protection in an effort to prevent the unauthorized access, utilization, modification or disclosure of personal information which is under our custody and control.
Access to and correction of personal data:
If you want to access the personal information which you have provided to us or to correct certain errors in these records, please contact us according to the instructions in the “Contact” section.
To protect your privacy, we shall take the reasonable measures necessary to prove your identity before allowing you access to make corrections.
Please contact the Marketing and Communication Department whenever you have a question or a comment related to the confidentiality policy, if you want to withdraw your name from an email list or any other type of marketing list, or if you are dissatisfied with the manner in which we handle personal information.
You can find us at or you can write to us at the following mailing address: 42 Pipera St., 6th Floor, 020112, District 2, Bucharest - Globalworth Plaza Building (former Nusco Tower).
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