About Coface

Our Values


Our values


We strive for excellence in our activity and our continuous quality improvement is a constant concern of our team.
Achieving excellence is reflected in the way we think, act and develop successful long-term partnerships.



  • Always be the best!
  • Always exceeds expectations!
  • Overcome your limits!
  • Provides excellent service to colleagues, clients and suppliers!
  • Be positive no matter what!


For us, integrity implies actions within moral and ethical principles, both in our work environment and personal life.
Relationships between us are based on fairness, honesty and trust.
By adopting a correct and loyal behavior with our customers and colleagues, we manage to establish long and successful partnerships and win-win situations.



  • Adopt an ethical behavior and respect your commitments to your colleagues, clients and employer!
  • Do not accept compromises that threaten your own integrity!
  • Do not disclose confidential information (inside information about the company's clients, data regarding the individual labor contract etc.) and do not forward them!
  • Avoid making assumptions about the application of rules and internal procedures! Make a research before that!

Customer care

Customer care and exceeding our clients' expectations are the philosophies of each Coface's employee, representing the nucleus around which we conduct our activities.
We are constantly preoccupied about our professional development, maintaining the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.
Every satisfied client will share his satisfaction with 5 or 6 other people, while a dissatisfied one will share his negative experience with 10 other people!



  • Amaze your client through: promptness, excellent service, flexibility and active listening!
  • Give more than you get!
  • Anticipate his needs!
  • Promise less and give more - surprise him!
  • Be loyal to your clients, colleagues and suppliers!


Each team member of Coface is a leader in everything he does: he has initiative, a strong desire for development, takes responsibility for his actions and always aims for excellence in his professional activity.



  • Be a leader in your activities in relation to your colleagues and clients!
  • Think and act every day as a leader, act like you manage your own department by: increase your sales, reduce your costs, innovate and wow your clients!
  • Inspire others by what you do!
  • Be empathetic and able to accept and understand other points of view!
  • Always assume responsibility, being aware that it's up to you to change the lives of those around you!

Social engagement

Social responsibility in Coface represents an important chapter of our business success. It is a part of our organizational culture, being also included in our business plan.
We have assumed the role that together with our partners we will join forces in a common goal to support projects involving social, educational and environmental projects.



  • Get involved in projects initiated by Coface according your possibilities!
  • Search social projects for yourself and get involved until their completion!
  • Offer unconditional help; there are people who need your help and the smallest gesture counts!
  • Promote volunteering activities and their benefits to your friends and family: Pay It Forward!
  • Be responsible to those around you!
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